Science Objectives

  The ASO-S mission is uniquely designed to reveal connections among the solar magnetic field, solar flares, and CMEs. Its major scientific objectives therefore can be summarized as '1M2B', standing for the Magnetic field and the two kinds of Bursts (flares and CMEs).

  The mission aims to achieve the following goals:

  1) Simultaneous observations of solar flares and CMEs, two dominating eruptive events that regulate the space weather, to understand their connections and formation mechanisms.

  2) Observation of the full-disc vector magnetic field to uncover the build up of magnetic energy and its eruptive release during flares and CMEs and to see how the evolution of flares and CMEs are affected by the magnetic field.

  3) Observation of different layers of the solar atmosphere in response to eruptions to uncover the conversion and transport of different forms of energies.

  4) Expanding Application TargetObservation of solar eruptions and the magnetic field evolution to facilitate forecasting of the space weather and to safeguard valuable assets in space.