ASO-S English album (13 articles) is based on the results of the 1st ASO-S International Symposium on Satellites held in January 2019. It was published in RAA, a well-known international astronomical journal.

  The album comprehensively introduces the basic situation of ASO-S satellite, the design scheme of each payload and the data processing method, the work flow of the scientific application system, and the cooperative observation of ASO-S satellite and other in-orbit solar observation satellites.

   Vol 19, No 11 (2019) / Gan


  The ASO-S Chinese album contains 14 articles, which introduce a number of researches on the ASO-S satellite platform and payload, including articles on both technical development and future observations of the ASO-S satellite.

  The Chinese album and the English album published in RAA (Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics) in 2019 constitute a relatively complete and systematic introduction of the ASO-S satellite from scientific instruments to analysis methods.



  Volume 61,No.4 July 2020