Test- Certification meeting of satellite and rocket for gravitational wave storm high energy electromagnetic correspondence all day monitor satellite project held in Beijing


On November 13, the National Center for space science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as "Space Center") organized a factory evaluation meeting of gecam satellite system in Beijing. Relevant leaders from the Bureau of major scientific and technological tasks of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the supervision department and other departments attended the meeting. Wu Ji, chief engineer of gecam, Meng Xin, deputy commander-in-chief of gecam, as well as more than 60 key personnel from various research units attended the meeting.

The evaluation group is composed of experts from the University of Defense Science and technology, the first, eighth and ninth academies of Aerospace Science and technology group, the Software Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of technology and physics, Institute of high energy physics, and Space Center. The meeting was presided over by Chi Yixing, deputy director of Space Science Engineering Management Center, and Wu Ji, chief engineer of gecam, served as the leader of the review group. The review group listened to the "summary report on the development of gecam satellite calibration" and "the summary report on the quality of gecam satellite sample" prepared by researcher Zhang Keke, chief designer of gecam satellite, on behalf of the satellite system, and the special quality review opinions of the general engineering department on gecam satellite ex factory, and consulted relevant documents. After discussion, the evaluation group considers that the gecam satellite normal sample double satellite has the factory conditions.

The prototype development of gecam satellite system will be started in November 2019, and the whole satellite phase test, software drop welding and large-scale environmental test will be completed in early November 2020. After passing the factory review, it indicates that the development and production of gecam double star has been completed, and the related technical work of launch site will be carried out in the future.

(contributed by: Engineering Center)